What is Turkey fighting for?

If you did not know, Turkey is at war, and this war, apparently, for a long time. It would seem, why? Relatively prosperous country, they take – would and stop the war and live peacefully and quietly. But it’s not that simple. 1/3 of the territory of modern Turkey is the land on which the Kurds live. The Kurds are a large people, numbering 40 million people, who believe that their land is occupied by the Turks, and they are not only guerrilla actions. In the regions adjacent to the borders of Turkey, there is also a multi-million Kurdish population. At the moment, at least two independent Kurdish Autonomous States have already taken shape: in the North of Iraq and in the North-East of Syria. The armies of these new States have proved quite successful in recent years in the fight against ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation organization) and are armed with the latest modern weapons. Kurdish leaders have repeatedly stated that their goal is the liberation of all Kurdish lands from invaders. It is obvious that the war between Turkey and the Kurds is inevitable, and it, in fact, never stopped. and in our time came to a new round of confrontation.

Turkey is in a difficult situation. The combined forces of the Kurds are not inferior to the military capabilities of Turkey, and given that the Kurds are fighting a war on their land and for their people, relying on local residents, and Turkey does not have such support, the outcome is not in favor of Ankara. What to do in such a situation? The most correct decision- ” sits down at the negotiating table.” Give broad autonomy to those territories where the Kurds are the majority. But, clearly, this will mean the subsequent withdrawal of this autonomy from Turkey and the proclamation of an independent Kurdish state. Yes, losing territory is unpleasant for any state, but a war that has no chance of success and is guaranteed to lead to defeat and surrender is even worse.

It seems that the solution is obvious and it remains only to gather the political will in a fist and begin to implement the peace plan. But, in Turkey, as probably in any country in the world, there are Pro-power extremists-patriots who say: “if we now give in to the Kurds, then we will give in to the Armenians, and then to the Greeks, and then what will remain of Turkey?”Whatever you understand, about 1/3 of the territory of Turkey is the former Western Armenia, the population of which is renounced Armenians. Another 1/3 of Turkey, including the largest Turkish city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) – is Greek territory, and most of the families in these lands have roots of Greek origin, although now recorded as Turks. One has only to start dividing Turkey and nothing will remain of this country except the capital region itself-Ankara, according to the hurrah-patriots.

How right are the supporters of the war in Ankara’s government circles? It is difficult to say. In my opinion, without strong external support, neither Armenia nor Greece (a NATO member – as well as Turkey) will ever initiate such actions. The population of Turkey with Armenian and Greek roots is also unlikely to take active action, it is almost impossible, they have long been incorporated into Turkish society. Of course, the probability of such a scenario always remains – if, for example, the United States, for some reason, decides that such a project is beneficial to them, then by investing tens of billions of dollars and bringing to power the War parties in Greece and Armenia, they will achieve the elimination of Turkey. But why? Although, on the other hand, why was the United States to dismember historical Russia and oppose one part of it-Ukraine, the rest of Russia? But that’s what we’re seeing now. The policy of the West is invariable – “Divide and conquer”.