The treaty basically reduced the Ottoman Empire

This was bad enough. The treaty basically deprived Turkey of its independence and put millions of its people under foreign domination, but it gets worse. Greece didn’t like its share of the booty, because they didn’t get Constantinople or Trebizond back, and their cut wouldn’t fulfill the dream of the Megali Idea. So, after General Mustafa Kemal, in the immortal words of author Ben Thompson, “told the West to go fuck a donkey” where the Treaty of Sèvres was concerned, the Greeks invaded Turkey to get more land.

The Turkish people rallied around Kemal, and over the next three years proceeded to drive out the ItaliansFrench, Greeks and Armenians who had all invaded their country, not to mention the worthless Sultan. The Ottoman Empire duly became the Republic of Turkey.

Rather than have Kemal cross into Europe and dictate the terms of peace at the Acropolis, the British stepped in after the Greeks were driven out of Asia Minor and invited the Turkish government to new negotiations. The Treaty of Sèvres was torn up. Turkey became the only defeated nation of World War I allowed to negotiate fairly with the Allies at the end of the war. Not coincidentally, they also became the only defeated nation of World War I who didn’t join the Axis in World War II. MareşalKemal (he got promoted after the war) received the surname Ataturk (Father of the Turks) from a grateful country, and so respected as a world leader that the U.N. honored him 43 years after his death, on what would have been his 100th birthday.