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The partnership with Investcontract has been a blessing. It has enabled my wife and me to transition these real estate investments to the passive category, where they belong.

John Doe - Company inc.

The rental income we've gotten has probably doubled since we went with Investontract. Typically the spring months are down months...

John Doe - Company inc.

I am very happy with Investcontract - the partnership we have is so great.

John Doe - Company inc.

We’ve only been using Investcontract for a few months, but we’ve gotten another dozen or so bookings - and we’re up to $3,000 in gross sales. So that’s pretty good and that’s not even a full year!

John Doe - Company inc.

I spent a lot of money on my property and needed to make sure I was going to have enough money to cover all the expenses. The bookings are very important to me, and Investcontract does all the work to get them. It’s great.

John Doe - Company inc.

I couldn't have dreamt my vacation home would turn into the success it has!

John Doe - Company inc.

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