Real Estate properies managment – Annual service package

For whom is “Service Package” suitable?

Many buyers bought real property in Turkey, but do not live there permanently. Others invested in housing for the purpose of renting.  Some people just do not have enough time or the knowledge of the Turkish language to make necessary payments associated with real estate ownership. Such owners need a partner who would assume day-to-day efforts of real estate management and make life much easier for the owners of apartments and villas.

What does “Service Package” include?

  1. Assistance in organizing the purchase of airline tickets;
  2. Assistance in arranging your transfer and meeting;
  3. Reception and payment, for you, of all utility bills (electricity, water, telephone, Internet);
  4. The payment of the annual real property tax;
  5. Insuring your property and communications with the insurance company on your behalf;
  6. Assistance in finding workers for minor repairs, design or interior works;;
  7. Help in organizing the cleaning of the house;
  8. Periodic monitoring of the property in your absence (monthly);
  9. Help in your dealings with companies serving your complex or home;
  10. Help in renting a car;
  11. Help in buying a car;
  12. Organizing your outdoor activities, excursions and tours;
  13. Arranging transfers for your guests and their placement (the cost of the transfer itself is paid separately).

The annual package price: 150 euros