Guaranteed Rent

“INVESTCONTRACT  is real estate operator in Turkey. Only we professionally select real properties, ensure safety and transparency of the transactions, and guarantee profit for our customers. For our investors and customers, we can ensure stable rents, which are several times higher than the income from bank deposits. We manage to do this owing to the development of the line of exclusive vacationing under  Investcontract ® brand, which this year became the largest one in Turkey.

We bank upon exceptional quality of work and professionalism. We are contacted by people who value their time and money and want for themselves and for their families the very best of service.”

Dmitrii Kuznetcov,

Real Estate Broker

What is “Guaranteed Rent” service?

INVESTCONTRACT  real estate agency offers a service that is unique as for today in the Turkish real estate market –  “Guaranteed Rent”.

This service saves our clients from ALL problems associated with renting out real estate, and allows you to receive a guaranteed annual income.

Is everything really so simple?

Yes! Our clients who have signed a contract for this service just get rental income, without having to worry about anything!

The income does not depend on whether the tenants live in your apartment or villa; the amount is fixed for the whole year, we assume all risks. Your rental income is guaranteed!

How profitable is it to our clients?

INVESTCONTRACT  company is a major operator of the Turkish real estate and manages more than 200 apartments in Turkey. Thousands of our guests from around the world have already left positive feedback about our work.

The vast experience allows us to save on costs and enables our clients to earn income several times greater than income from a currency deposit at a bank.

Our clients save time. All that is required for renting their homes is to visit one of our offices and sign a contract for “Guaranteed Rent” service.

Our clients need not worry about their property condition. We closely monitor the wear and tear of leased housing and do whatever it takes to maintain it in good condition.

Our clients do not need to worry about timely payment of bills. We guarantee timely payment of all bills: for complex maintenance, for electricity, water, telephone and the Internet. You may also include in the contract the payment of all necessary taxes on property and on the car.

How to order the “Guaranteed Rent” service?

Please, fill in the contact form or simply call us.

Always yours,