Attained Certifications

Attained Certifications

 Selecting real estate in Turkey, you should contact only companies that are officially registered in Turkey and that have all necessary licenses and work permits. These documents are a guarantee of safety and comfort for you, and all of these INVESTCONTRACT real estate agency has.

INVESTCONTRACT is not just another Internet-project with no address and responsibility for the outcome. We are a real company with offices and dozens of employees, who are willing to help you with any issue at any time! You can always drink a cup of Turkish coffee or tea at any of our offices and find support and assistance from our staff!

Director – Founder , INVESTCONTRACT

Tax Registration

The document of tax registration is the main document required for the functioning of any business company or organization in Turkey.

This document confirms that INVESTCONTRACT is a Turkish taxpayer, and gives it the right to do business throughout Turkey.




Certificate Investcontract  Inc. USA

We’ve attached a copy of certificate of incorporation from the Delaware Secretary of Stater company files. For all future legal paperwork, be sure to use the company’s exact legal name as it appears in the certificate of incorporation.

The certificate for the provision of real estate service

Investcontract General Director, Dmitrii Kuznetcov

The certificate of the completion of realtors courses issued to the director general of INVESTCONTRACT real estate agency, Dmitrii Kuznetcov, confirms that Dmitrii Kuznetcov, is a professional realtor, and gives him the full right to carry out, for natural persons and legal entities, any transactions with real estate in Turkey.



Municipal license for conducting realtor’s activities